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National Solidarity day on Chengara Land Struggle in Kerala

Dharna in front of Kerala House New Delhi 2.30- 4.30 P.M.

23 August 2008


  • Social Activists, human rights groups, Academics, Writers, Artists, Students, workers and children protested under the banner of Chengara Solidarity Delhi, held a protest demonstration in front of the Kerala house, New Delhi demanding immediate and effective interventions from the Kerala government to give land to the 7,500 dalit and other land less families, who protesting in Chengara, of Pathanamtitta District in Kerala since 04 August 2007.

  • These families coming from various places in Kerala entered an estate belonging to the government, previously held in lease by the Harrison Malayalam Company. The protest continuing under the banner of Sadhu Jana Vimochana Samyukta Vedi (SJVSV). The speakers at the protest demanded an immediate enquiry into the rape of three women on 08 August 2008 by the anti-social gang allegedly supported by the Harrison Malayalam Company. Sumit Sarkar, Swami Agnivesh, Pankaj Bhisht, Ashok Choudhuri, Roma, Suhas Borkar, Bhupendra Rawat, Tanika Sarkar addressed the gathering.

  • The speakers also demanded the Kerala government to take appropriate action against those involved in the alleged rape of three women on 08 August 2008. They also demanded the cases against the Chengara protestors and ensure freedom of movement, freedom of work and protection from social and economic boycott enforced by the so called ‘united trade union front’. They also condemned the threats issues by the United Trade union front to evict the people on September 03, and warned the Kerala government of the Nandigram like situation emerging in Kerala.

  • It was also highlighted landlessness of people is closely connected to the caste system and that ensuring sufficient fertile land and incentives for agricultural activities would go a long way in protecting the rights of the marginalized landless communities in Kerala.

  • All political parties were requested to consider the land struggle as an immediate concern. Considering the wide spread of contagious diseases they called up for the immediate discussion on the twenty-two demands of SJVSV.

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On Behalf of Chengara Solidarity, New Delhi

See the protest Photographs and Video below:


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